Trust Greddy T78-33d

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Greddy Trust T78 The Trust T78 is a widely known Turbo that is very popular due to its boost capabilities and extremely large compressor flow. Designed by Trust / Greddy and Built buy Mitsubishi it is one of most sought after journal bearing turbo’s in the 700hp range.

With well over 20 years of performance & turbocharger experience the T78-33d is from Greddy / Trust’s large hybrid T-power series of turbos that feature an extra large free floating journal bushing with a large diameter center shaft for robust performance, testing has revealed that some of these Trust / Mitsubishi turbos have better response than similar sized ball bearing competitors in certain applications. three different turbine housings are available for the T78 all with a T4 flange and the option 80mm or 94mm V-band or 4 bolt flange outlet with various A/R meaning choosing properly sized housings can mean all the difference in usable power. The T78 uses an oil only CHRA (center cartridge) which does make a easy installation.

Very popular on bolt on kits for the RB26, 1JZ and 2JZ engines it is not to hard to source one, you will have to consider that due to the size of the turbo the T78 will not hit 20psi until about 4500rpm, depending on the A/R of your housing, but it will hold it right up to red line. They have even been seen bolted up to engines as small as the CA18, the only other turbo that would compare closest tot eh T78-33d would be the GT37, being rated at 720hp and down side being a bit laggy I would recommend the T78 for drag / track applications, for drifting and low down torque I would be going down the GT30 / AX75 path.

RRP $2500

Tech Specs

Rated HP: 710

Compressor Side Turbine
Wheel Diameter
Inducer Exducer Trim A/R Wheel Diam Trim A/R
65.8mm 90.0mm  ?? ?? 74mm  ?? ??


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