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Garrett GT28rs aka “The Disco Potato”

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Garrett GT28rs aka “The Disco Potato”

Posted on 28 July 2011 by admin

GT28RSThe Garrett GT2860rs is the cousin of the GT28r, being one of the most sought after ball bearing turbochargers for its price and reliability it was dubbed the “The Disco Potato”.

Recommended to be used on 1.8L to 3.0L engines it is a common upgrade on most SR20, CA18, 4AGE and 3SGTE engines, It is great for smaller displacement engines making up to 360hp, has a max boost of 24psi and for the price of one of these baby’s in a Turbocharger Kit you couldn’t ask for more.

Being a ball bearing and water cooled turbo you can look only expect reliability on a the GT28RS, Fitting is fairly common with its T25 Flange that is available on almost all aftermarket manifolds, Quick spool and high boost like all Garrett’s wonderful creations of course is easily found in the small turbo that is internally gated at 14.7psi and surprisingly has a maximum efficiency of 72% at 22psi, being small its is great size for applications with spacing constraints.

RRP $1,600

Tech Specs

Compressor Side Turbine
Wheel Diameter
Inducer Exducer Trim A/R Wheel Diam Trim A/R
47.2mm 60.0mm 62 0.60 53.8mm 76 0.64


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