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Holset HX35

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Holset HX35

Posted on 20 January 2012 by admin

Holset's HX35 Turbo
After doing research on Diesel Turbochargers, I was quite annoyed at the low amount of information available on Holset Turbos, and after having a read up on lots of forums such as dsmtuners I discovered there are a number of JDM car’s using them to upgrade their turbos.

Today I will start of with the Holset HX35 Turbo, This is in fact rare to be seen in unleaded applications due to the fact it was built as a Diesel Turbocharger. There are two variations the 7 blade compressor and the 8 blade compressor. Early versions of the HX35 flow 52lb/min and run a 56mm 8 Blade compressor, These are a popular upgrade for the RB25, whilst being a large Turbocharger it does push upwards to 500RWHP with the right modifications, one car on dsmtuners was seeing 20psi by 3500rpm, not that’s a pretty good achievement in a RB25 considering that a GT40r would hit 20psi at 4000rpm onwards but also seeing that the HX35 is in between a GT35r and GT40r the key to the fast spool is getting the right houseing to suit your setup of its welcome to lag city.

The later Version is also a 56mm compressor but is 7 blade wheel, the one less blade enables the HX 35 to flow 60lb/min, both versions have the option of a T3 flange turbine housing or Divided Twin-Scroll T3 flange housing and like most popular turbochargers you have the downpipe option of 4 bolt of v-band. The 7 blade coupled with the Twin-Scroll has been proved to throw down 600whp on modified cars.

Being built by Cummins the Holset HX and HY range of turbos have proven to be robust and supper our cause for high HP, if you can find one cheap it will be a worthwhile upgrade, the main thing to consider is that when you blow a wheel, shaft or bearing you may be in for a wait as parts are not the easiest to come by.
RRP $1300

Tech Specs

Rated HP: 500~600

Compressor Side Turbine
Wheel Diameter
Inducer Exducer Trim A/R Wheel Diam Trim A/R
56/57/54mm 78/83mm ? 0.55 60mm ? 0.63


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