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Garretts GTX3076r turbocharger

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Garretts GTX3076r turbocharger

Posted on 12 January 2013 by admin

GTX3076r GTX3076r with 4″ anti surge compressor cover

The advancements of ball bearing and billet compressor wheels, did I hear someone mention garrets new GTX range of turbochargers?

Anyone who is looking at a faster spooling long lasting ball bearing turbo with power goals of 450HP – 600HP, then you just can’t look past the GTX3076r from garrett, featuring a billet compressor wheel with 11 full height blades that will spool around 500rpm quicker than the older GT3076r.

Now if you take a closer look at one of the older GT series and other similar turbos from the late 90s they run full heights next to a inner set of half heights, running full height blades will give a turbocharger a higher HP rating but you pay for it in lag due to the heavier compressor wheel, but this problem is solved by changing the wheel from cast to billet.

The new GTX3076r has a very similar flow rating and compressor map as the GT35r but with out the need for a larger A/R on the exhaust housing for the higher HP so it spools a hell of a lot quicker.

The GTX series of turbo’s are sold as a compressor cover and CHRA, so you will need to get your own turbine housing, the housings are the same as the old GT series in the case you are upgrading from a GT3076r then you are able to keep the same housing, but if buying new you do have the option of 4 bolt, V-band, twin scroll, internal gate, .63 A/R, 0.82 A/R, 1.06 A/R.

RRP $1600

Tech Specs

Rated HP: 640

Compressor Side Turbine
Wheel Diameter
Inducer Exducer Trim A/R Wheel Diam Trim A/R
58mm 76mm 58 0.60 60mm 84mm ??


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