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Apexi AX75 / AX75F82

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Apexi AX75 / AX75F82

Posted on 04 December 2011 by admin

apexi AX75
Apexi’s AX75 is one of the most sought after turbochargers in the jap market and is especially popular amongst the rotary’s. the AX75F82 is a ball bearing turbo that is designed for high power output with a rating of 550-650HP. It spools up very fast and it Keeps on pulling until redline. The AX75F82 is Engineered by Apexi and Built by IHI and from the examples people have seen and the specs of the turbo the compressor and turbine are well matched to suit 2.0L up to 3.8L engines. Some people have pulled as much as 480 rwhp on a mildly modified RB25. On a RB25 it will hit full boost at 4,000rpm so there is a bit of delay compared to the twin setup or a Blitz K3 but keep in mind they are designed for mid-range to top end power.

The AX 75 features the “AIRICK system” which is a patented material that is inserted between the compressor housing and the compressor wheel. The insertion of this material allows near 0 clearance between the blade and housing improving compressor efficiency by almost 5-6% all across the board. AIRICK also lowers compressor outlet temperatures under high load by 50-68 degrees F. not only will it improve the overall efficiency of the turbo but also enhances boost response. The inlet flange is a T4 and has a 3 inch turbine outlet, it will only run an external wastegate (recommended size is 50mm), the working pressure is 18 – 26psi with a max boost of 30psi, it really is a fantastic baller for anyone looking for 600hp on a single turbo setup. They are no longer being manifactured but can be found if you search hard enough.

RRP $1600

Tech Specs

Compressor Side Turbine
Wheel Diameter
Inducer Exducer Trim A/R Wheel Diam Trim A/R
64mm 82mm 61 0.70 74.1mm 76 0.98


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