OBX’s T3 TB25G Turbo

Posted on 25 November 2011 by admin

So many times I have seen on Ebay “OBX” popping up every time I do a search that relates to the work “Turbo” so I decided to look into them.

To start off with OBX us a USA racing company, all there Turbochargers are designed and balanced in the USA, the rest is pretty much done in ASIA. The turbo we are looking at today is called the OBX TB25G right after hearing the name we assume it would be similar to the T67 25G and guess what your right. Very similar in spec to the with a 60trim compressor and the unit is rated at 550HP. The reliability of these unit have been questioned in a number of automotive forums but by no means as dangerous as one of KKR’s exploding compressor wheels.

It appears that from factory the housing, wheels, shaft is all great quality and will hold nicely up to its rated threshold but from factory balancing is not 100% but for a turbo that is not a Garrett or Turbonetics  it is very similar. This of course leads to prematurely worn bearings and leaky seals, the best work around for this is to send it off to a reputable turbo specialist like Roto Master in Melbourne and have them do a rebuild and balance which would include Garrett / Greddy grade bearings and seals along with a good balance.

To sum it it up I rate this hair dryer at 7.0/10 because at the end of the day for the $500-600 that you will pay for an OBX T3 plus the $150 – $300 for the rebuild and balance your getting a Greddy T67 25g Grade Turbo for $700 ~$900 that is good for up to 550hp, beats spending the $2000+ if you ask me.
RRP $550

Tech Specs

Compressor Side Turbine
Wheel Diameter
Inducer Exducer Trim A/R Wheel Diam Trim A/R
60mm 77mm 60 0.64 53mm 76 0.68


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  1. Mike Perkins Says:

    I am a member of local drag club and we have a annual burnout comp each June. The last two years I entered my WB 1tonner with the old 253 and whopping 740 Rochester on it. That is how I purchased the car. She smoked well but short on hp it is difficult to keep the tyres pumping smoke. So I have bought a VP Commodore V8 304 one with the black heads. Already I secured a 308 head with rollers and hot cam. I will be using rollers off head to place on my VP eight. Has a 350 auto box,which in the new year a mate will recondition and turn it to a straight shifter, goodbye full auto, it is costing so not a true mate, regardless and have a 2850 stall convertor lined up to put on the front. I started modifying the intake manifold, to make a 4 can vertical draft injection NA motor. I am having second thoughts and probably will go turbo in future. So I am willing to wait and maybe go turbo first up. As converting 4 air box into turbo is a of work.

    So I am thinking of having twin turbos one each bank about T28 so can pump about 400hp left and right; total 750/800 hp for that I will need 2 intercoolers, 2 waste gates etc, I probably will dump waste gate/overflow at revs each side of car just behind door. Car will never have rego so not a hassle. So can you give me feed back of goodies and price, I do have a budget so I have to buy wisely. Sadly I do not work in mines I am a single dad last girl doing last year of school so I am thinking of my future and hobby now house will be empty next year. Cars a are costly but women are just as ostly and with no return. Sorry not all just the ones I seemed to pick. Yes your QBX caught my eye and a rebuild before fit sounds on the money. So please send me quote on what you can supply. I know and trust cars cheers have a top Christmas and look forward to a quote to think over holiday period, if price right before I might be interested sooner than later. yours sincerely Mike Perkins

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Mike,
    Sounds like you have a great project going on there. One thing to keep in mind is that just because you bolt a 400hp turbo to each side of the motor doesn’t mean she will hit 750~800hp.

    Really you need to take your overall displacement and divide it by two, so if you have a 4.0L engine stroked to to 4.4L then each engine head will flow 2.2L of exhaust gas so I would be looking to buy a turbo rated 400 ~ 550hp designed to work with a 2.2 ~ 3.0L displacement. Also keep in mind you will need a turbo designed to spool up early as it will be on a larger engine.

    Unfortunately we don’t sell turbochargers but where are you located? I might be able to recommend someone in you area.


    Mr Turbo

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