Trust Greddy TD06-20G

Posted on 23 January 2012 by admin

Greddy / Trust TD06-20g The Trust Greddy TD06-20g is a widely known JDM turbo that is commonly sought after for a pro street turbo upgrade with a max boost of 30psi and 450hp rating if your thinking of upgrading the turbo on your MR2, WRX or Silvia this little baby will certainty pack a punch.

The TD06 is a journal bearing, single entry, oil and water cooled turbocharger that is built my Mitsubishi and is recommended for engine sizes 1.8L – 2.2L in high boost applications.

Rated at a max of 450hp and flow of 640 CFM, the TD06 is amazingly similar to Trusts more popular T67 Turbocharger which is a modified TD06 to begin with, whilst the TD06 is rated at 550hp it’s more laggy compared to the TD06-20g due to the larger sized exhaust housing.

A particular advantage that the TD06 hold is the fact that it is available as an internal of externally gated turbo with different size housings available to suit different applications, however due the the fact that both Greddy TD05 and TD06 use 3 bolt turbine flange and dump pipe, it does limit them to fitment and usually means a custom manifold, down pipe or adapters are required, but for the price you pay and the reliability of the Mitsubishi manufactured and Trust / Greddy Design its worth it.

RRP $1400 ($300 Secondhand)

Tech Specs

Rated HP: 450

Compressor Side Turbine
Wheel Diameter
Inducer Exducer Trim A/R Wheel Diam Trim A/R
52.6mm 68mm 60 ? 65mm TD06 ??


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  1. Sam Says:


    Just wondering if I can get a price for a TD06 with a 8CM rr housing to suit my 2001 S15 please?

  2. admin Says:

    Sorry Sam, we do not have this available at the moment.

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