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Tech of the Turbo 1.1 – Billet VS. Forged compressor wheels

Posted on 01 October 2010 by admin

So around 75% all the compressor wheels on turbo’s are Billet, it has been proven with no major issue’s ever arising apart from of course the poor sole who got talked into buy a cheap Turbocharger that’s about as reliable as a Hyundai Excel thats clocked over 800,000kms, which we have talked about cheap turbo’s before.
Turbonetics seem to heavily market there forged wheel technology, and with their proven track record of providing some of the best Turbochargers seen to mankind, of course there is a new line on forged compressor wheels from Garrett® dubbed there new range The “GTX-R Turbochargers”, Pretty cool name and it would be hard to toss up between the two companies and decide which brand to buy. The one thing about Turbonetics is they degrade the standard compressor wheels, saying that casting leaves air pockets, This is true to a certain extent.

Most modern Alloy engines have Pistons manufactured from cast alloy pistons, even some Hi-Torque engines such as Holden/Isuzu’s 6VE1 or 6VD1 or a Turbocharged Renault Megan Sport, none of these have ever had issues with broken pistons due to air pockets in the casting. It all comes to to the company’s quality control. That is why you should stick to the Trusted brands and not the El-Cheapo’s that I have talked about Before.

So to sum it all up Yes a billet wheel is considerably stronger that a Billet but for a street car or weekend cruiser I wouldn’t bother spending the extra 200+, I would just stick to what has a good review and what is suited to your build.

Until next time Keep Spoolin!

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